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We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. Our cleaners aren’t contract workers – they are full-time employees. They care as much as we do

follow client payments

you can pay for the renewal of your weekly Cleaning,online at participating financial institutions. This system is fast and highly secure.

regular cleaning help you save money and contribute your happiness .

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of services Menage power offers?

Regular cleaning
-Once a week
-Twice a week
-Once every 2 weeks
or customize your frequency

Spring cleaning
-Deep cleaning don’t involve the special cleaning.

Special cleaning (required specific equipment).
-Walls and ceilings cleaning
-the windows cleaning
-Cleaning carpets and   upholstered furniture.
-Cleaning the interior of appliances and cabinets. _Cleaning after renovations 

do you iron, change sheets, wash clothes, dish?

These tasks are not part of our standard work plan. They can be included by charging you an extra charge.

Do you provide cleaning products and equipment?

Les équipes de ménage des franchisés utilisent leurs propres produits et équipements. Les produits utilisés sont biodégradables et inoffensifs, les équipements sont totalement sécuritaires, très peu brouillant et d’une très grande efficacité, que vous choisissez d’utiliser ces produits et équipements ou les vôtres, ceci n’aura aucun impact sur le prix du service.

Utilisez-vous des produits ménagers biodégradables et sécuritaires ?

Nous tenons à la sécurité et la santé de nos équipes de ménage ainsi que celles de nos clients, pour cette raison nos équipes des utilisent des produits ménagers biodégradables à 100 %

Is it possible to use my products and / or equipment?

Yes, but you will be responsible in case its products
damage the surfaces or do not give good results,
more products and / or equipment
used should
not be a risk to the health and safety of members of
the organization. housekeeping team.

Do you have insurance in case of accidents?

With all the precautions, no one is immune
to accidents, which is why all franchisees are cover
ed by a $ 2 million civil liability insurance.

What is the hourly rate for your residential ?

Rates are not set by hour.
they are based on the size, conditions,
frequency of Cleaning visits and
the particularities of the residence.
These are flat rates, so more advantageous
for the customer because there is no bad surprise
at the end. The price established during the first
estimation visit is always fixed, regardless of the
execution time of the maintenance work.

We have animals, that make a difference ?

Our team  work in  different environments. In fact, if your pet shows signs of aggression or behavior that interrupt doing their job well, they will ask you to leave it in a cage or a place where it will not hurt someone.

Our clients say

Good service they care about the details
Randy Frazer